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Fruit Pulp

About the game

Fruit Pulp is a falling block tile matching game where you control falling pairs of fruit.

You collect pieces by matching four or more of the same kind.

There are two kinds of levels:

1) Collect - where the goal is to collect specific kinds of fruit

2) Remove all - where the goal is to remove all pieces of fruit from the screen

The game is embedded a little further down on this page, please give it a try!

Fruit Pulp ingame screenshot

Fruit Pulp ingame screenshot

Keyboard controls:
UP - rotate
DOWN - drop / skip falling animation
LEFT - move left
RIGHT - move right

Touch controls:
Tap - rotate
Swipe left/right - move sideways
Swipe down - drop / skip falling animation

Technical details

  • Runs on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and all major desktop browsers.
  • Fully responsive, ie works in both landscape and portrait modes.


  • Available for non exclusive licensing for your web site(s)
  • Available for non exclusive licensing for embedding in your app
  • We do API integration, normally completed within 3 days

Fruit Pulp ingame screenshot

Just send a mail to and you'll have the game on your site in no time.